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Man Meadow

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Fredrik Olofsson started to dance at the age of nine and from that point on he was determined to live his dream from dance and music. After high school Fredrik became a professional entertainer with Wallmans Salonger in Malmö, and in 1998 he went on tour dancing in the glamorous and popular show of After Dark. TV then spotted Fredrik and he was given one of the main parts in the soap opera Vänner & Fiender, aired on channel 5. He was quite happy after 180 episodes and moved on to work with his own show group, cruising the Baltic Sea. From the year 2000 and on Fredrik has also appeared at several Swedish national finals of Eurovision Song Contest, backing up well known artists. In 2008 Fredrik danced and sang with Ani Lorak, representing Ukraine in Eurovision Song Contest, and ended up in an honorable second place…

Niklas Vestberg is trained through the classical school – five years old he started to play the violin according to the Suzuki method. He became concert-master of the local youth symphony orchestra, and moved on to the regional symphony. Even though singing as well as dancing was a big interest, Niklas decided to take the academic road with studies in the U.S. and Stockholm. So it was as if from nowhere he came to grab the role of Schlomo in the musical Fame in 2004. His debut was praised in the press and after playing in the capital the musical toured the whole country. Meanwhile, Niklas kept studying, finishing up a Bachelor’s in journalism as well as a Master’s in media & communications. Now Niklas is most famous to the Swedish people as a TV host, program presenter, at the biggest TV channel in Sweden, TV4.

In 2008 Man Meadow was one of the finalists in Poland competing with their song “Viva La Musica” to represent the country in Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade. They finished joint 3rd. In 2009 they made a try try with the entry “Love is gonna get you”, who failed in the Polish compition. —