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I’m Karina, I’m 46 years old and my past in the music world is as a FanOrganisation manager; Westlife Fans United, with 33 countries and more than 100 employees worldwide under me. I’m a big time music lover of several types of music, and my favourite is symphonic rock and electrodance/pop/rock – and a year is not the same if I haven’t followed the ESC.

Mother of two music-loving daughters, Katrine 12 who is an avid photographer and instagram-blogger, and Laura 9 who starts dancing the same second she hears a music tone.

As founder of this website I handle all main jobs as contacting “the right people”, creating and maintaining the website, search for news, articles, photos, keep up to date about what’s happening with the bands we have on the site, and answer questions people send by e-mail.

Also author of “Goodevening Europe”, a fictional novel about a young man’s journey to Eurovision in 2019 and all the trouble and hiccups which may occur in his life until he reaches his dream.