Copenhagen Drummers Biography



  1. september 2010 – 2. liveshow in Denmark’s Got Talent 2010, a line of young men in black uniforms, entered the scene, drumming their way into the hearts of Denmark.

Six guardsmen from  The Royal Danish Life Guards’ Tambour Corpse made it through the audition, for this named “Copenhagen Drummers“. It was only meant as a bit of fun – but show after show, they drummed their way to the final, where they won Denmark’s got Talent 2010, much to Denmark’s joy.


Copenhagen Drummers consist of:

Jacob, Morten, Joel and Matti.


Four energetic, and a bit wild, young men in their mid-twenties, who again and again stun the audience across the world with their impressive show of drumming on everything one could ever dream of drumming on; trashcans, plastic buckets, oilbarrels, you name it. Adding fire and water to their show doesn’t make it any less interesting. Everywhere they go, they carry their drumsticks – just in case the need to drum on everything they see, will overpower them.

Over the past three  years, Copenhagen Drummers have played over 200 (300??) shows. More than 30 Danish festivals, such as Skanderborg, Nibe, Jelling and Skive festival, have had the pleasure of presenting this one of a kind band from Denmark.

Not only are they loved in Denmark, but also the big world has had visit from these talented drummers. France, Germany, India, Sweden, Norway, Russia and Thailand.

More than once a performance from Copenhagen Drummers have been the starting point at conferences at the larger companies, such as Maersk, Grundfoss, Novo Nordisk, Dong Energy and Lego.

In 2011 they were signed up with a recordcompany, U&I, and in 2012 they released their first single, “Jeg er din” (I am yours) featuring Kasper Nyemann. You can download it on iTunes and stream it on Spotify in two versions, version one featuring Kasper Nyemannversion two, the radio edit. Alternatively you can listen to them by clicking the spotify embedded links below.

This spring of 2013, Jacob and Morten performed in Dansk Melodigrandprix (ESC for Denmark) along with Emmelie de Forest, on “Only Teardrops” and knocked the audience over, and lead more or less straight to the winner’s position. So the rest of the world will get to enjoy Emmelie, Jacob and Morten on stage in Malmö on May 14th at the ESC.

2013 will be the year where Copenhagen Drummers conquer the world for real. Earler they have toured with Lars Lilholt band, but this year they will be touring with their own show. Norway has already had the pleasure of seing them live this spring, and later this year, Denmark will feel the pleasure, and we can’t imagine that the rest of the world will miss out either since Drumming is loved all over the world.

While preparing for future shows, their upcoming tour, they also work on material for an EP, which they expect to release in 2014.

If you want to know more about Copenhagen Drummers, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Links to be found in the “connect” link.