Rasmussen Biography

Jonas Rasmussen is 33 years old, Danish, married and the father of two daughters, living in Jutland, the Western part of Denmark.

He works part time as a voice/ perfomance coach at two local art & theatre schools. Rasmussen is no stranger to the spotlight himself. He has been acting in musicals such as ‘West Side Story and ‘Les Misérables’, perfomed in a choir on stage with The Rolling Stones, in tribute concerts for legends like Elton John, Poul McCartney and ABBA, and in the cover band Hair Metal Heröes.

Higher Ground, Rasmussen’s entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, is inspired by the Viking Magnus Erlendsson and his refusal to fight in the Battle of Anglesey Sound in 1098. Contrary to standard depictions of Viking inclinations, Erlendsson believed in non-violence, and would have none of the fighting, looting and pillaging. He defied his King and code of conduct, and took a stand for something he believed in. These are values reflected in Higher Groundto listen to and tolerate one another, and to solve conflicts through peaceful means instead of violence.

With his long, red beard and hair, Rasmussen’s appearance closely mimics our idea of how Vikings looked – so when the two composers of Higher Ground, Niclas Arn and Karl Eurén, saw him perform, they were immediately sure they had found the right guy for the song. Fortunately, Rasmussen instantly connected with the song and its message – a lucky match for the two Swedish composers. The Eurovision Song Contest and its theme for 2018 – All Aboard! – is all about bringing people together in peace – the perfect place to share the story of Rasmussen and Higher Ground.